Thursday, 27 January 2011

London blogger meet & yes a second post!!

Next Saturday is the London Blogger meet, which is really exciting.  Its the brain child of The Pocket Rocket - Lauren and she has done an amazing job.  Devon the author of the blog The Fat Nurse also did an event last summer, where it was really great to meet everyone.  

The really exciting thing about what Lauren has done is that she has totally put the focus on fashion.  There are some great sponsors and I'm really excited to see Asos curve's spring collection.  It feels less like its a plus size event and more like its a fashion event which kind of happens to have a plus focus.  This to me is so what is needed.

I am still really frustrated with the breadth and choice of what is there and with the fact that I increasingly seem forced to do most of my shopping on line.  So at times I admit I'm really critical, but from a Mary Portas if you don't object and voice it, you wont get it point of view.

Tonight I was browsing through Simply Be's new season stuff.  The odd nice thing but still too much stuff that seems to be exactly the same as what was there last year and is very stylised like the Joe Brown's stuff.  Where is the nudes, bright block colours, fabulous flowing chiffon dresses ( not just the floral 70's style maxis tssk!), long slightly full skirts that can be worn with a crisp t (could be very flattering, simple, luxe, stylish, trust me).

 It really occurred to me, with the much more visible push for plus fashion and the emergence of things like Vogue Curvy, why is this still happening?  Plus the growing sources of clothes, eg Asos curve, Yours, Style 369.  Nobody with the exception of Asos Curve escapes some criticism here.

The only answer I could think of is because it sells.  Why are we still buying it?  I think this is why the blogs are so important, because it gives people a chance to look at different styles on women their size.  Hopefully, thinking "that looks quite good.  How can we convince more plus women to demand fashion and feel good taking risks and finding their own style.

So, only too many months that, it is too embarrassing to put in numbers, a second post.  Why the gap?  I'm a bit rubbish.  I have moved back to London and have had 2 new jobs in 12 months.  The second one being one I love and is very busy.  Also I think its taken me a bit to know what type of blog I want.  I am just not comfortable with putting photos of me in outfits up here.  Mostly because my husband is the most awful and unflattering photographer going.  Mainly close ups with your eyes shut.  Also it limits me, my fashion dreams go far beyond my own wardrobe.  So its going to be links and pics to vogue or things I like and general musing....and cocktails.

Speaking of which,  today's recipe is a retro classic.  Made properly its a gem.  I first had them in the 90's on endless nights out with friends and in the lovely Atlantic Bar and Grill on Glasshouse street.  A hidden Art Deco ballroom.  Sadly closed but fingers crossed it will reopen as part of the new hotel development there.  Its easy, you don't need many ingredients and its the perfect Friday night soother.

The Cosmopolitan

1 shot Ketel One vodka
1 shot Cointreau triple sec
shots Ocean Spray cranberry juice
½ shot Freshly squeezed lime juice
1 dash Angostura orange bitters (optional)

Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Simplicity itself.  

So I will post again soon as i still have to tell you the story about the opera, the animal print maxi and near fight.

Let me know if you like this.