Monday, 7 February 2011

Plus London Blogger Meet

Just a quick post to say how much I enjoyed the Plus London Blogger meet on Saturday night.   It was a brilliant night and it was great to meet everyone whose outfits and blogs you feel you know so well.

Everyone looked amazing, different, stylish!!  It was in one word FASHION.

Lauren & Messy Carla

 That is what has been amazing about what Lauren has done with this, its all been about the fashion that just happens to be plus size.

The venue was great.  There was champagne and cupcakes to keep everyone going.

There were also great clothes.  Rails of the spring/summer collections were there from the nights sponsors.

The H&M Inclusive pieces gave a hint of what looks like a great collection.  I loved the soft beaded cream cardigan and lovely peach chiffon (I know, peach chiffon! but trust me) pleated bandeau dress looked great.

Carmakoma were there with their summer collection, which I loved every piece.  I love the simplicity of their clothes but with an edge.  I have always been a bit reluctant to order but I will now.  Im also assured they are looking at extending their size range which is good news.

Yours clothing were also there and were a great sponsor for the night.  I liked what they had brought and Lauren says there is even better to come.

A lovely collection as always from Anna Scholz, with some great prints for summer.  I love the wrap dresses.  They are just effortless.  My only regret was I saw a sample of an amazing dress in blues and white with a tiger print at Anna's studio but its not made the collection as buyers didnt pick it up.  Just look at how amazing the lovely Wendy looks in her Anna.  I also love this green and red dress.

Torrid another great sponsor of the night also had some clothes.  My favourite was this amazing stripy blazer, once again modelled by the lovely Wendy.

ASOS curve had also sent their current collection.  I have to admit to them being my current love.  I had my black curve shift dress on for the evening.  Love, love, love them.

Here are a few other photos of the evening, so many great outfits and fantastic women.
love this dress

great dress, great hair

Not only all this but there was great photography on the walls, including two of my best boys watching over us, especially Mr Grant

Before they start calling for booze and in celebration of the champagne reception, what else could tonights cocktail be but the eternal classic Champagne cocktail.  This was another first at the sadly missed Atlantic Bar and Grill.  We had so many that night that the man who was chatting us up said " I have never seen such small ladies sink their own height in champagne flutes".  Again dead easy and you dont need many ingredients, though it can be on the sweet side as you get down the glass.  Beware, this is stealth rocket fuel, but is one of the best celebration drinks ever.
1 sugar cube
3 dashes of Angostura bitters
1oz or 30ml of brandy
orange twist

On a saucer dash the bitters on to your sugar cube and let it soak in.
Drop the sugar cube in the bottom of a chilled champagne flute
Add the brandy
Top up with very chilled champagne and garnish with orange twist

Watch your sugar cube dissolve and enjoy.  If you like an orange flavour, you can swap for organge bitters and cointreau.

Thanks to all the organisers and sponsors of Saturday and everyone I met there.  Lovely night.


  1. Hello Amanda,
    I coudln't find a email adress so I thought I just try it here. I think we met at the plus london meet, and I took a picture of you and Wendy and Lauren. Now I wrote an article for a German Plus Size Side and I put the picture in it, all I wanted to ask if you could giv me permission that you are okay with the picture.
    here is the link, to my post:

    It is not really online at th moment, it is just a preview. Please respond to me on this email

    Thank you so much.

    PS: I loved your outfit, the necklace look amazing!

  2. how cool. I wanna live in london too! you guys have the best blogger meet ups :) I am the only plus size blogger in vienna! looks like you had fun :)